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Used Import Singapore is a company that’s dedicated to helping you acclimate to your new environment by bringing the car you’ve grown to love, to your new home - Singapore.

Our company is composed of highly experienced importers who can help you navigate through the process of self-importation with ease. We are the leading used car importers in Singapore. Our years of experience has allowed us to perfect a simple and efficient importation process for every type of vehicle out there.

Our importers are among the best in the industry. They’re trained to handle even the most complicated case with utmost expertise. We have the tools and experience necessary in bringing every type of used car to Singaporean ports in adherence to the laws set by the Singapore Customs.

We are your premier automobile importation solution provider. We provide unparalleled support and transparent services to clients with very specific needs. Our team of highly trained importers will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way.

Used Import Singapore understands that there are some reasons that has compelled you to import your car to Singapore. Your reason is what fuels us to provide you with speedy and dependable services the moment you get in touch with one of our importers.

Whether it’s personal or for business, our dedicated importers will make sure the entire process goes on as smoothly and as conveniently as possible. We won’t stop until all your needs are met to your satisfaction.

Used Import Singapore is a company that isn’t afraid to listen to our customers. We don’t treat every customer the same. Our importers pay close attention to every detail you share with us. From there, we come up with a personalized importation and freight forwarding solution that fits your needs.

Unlike other companies, UsedImportSingapore isn’t afraid to go the extra mile. We’ve gotten this far in the business for continuously exceeding customer expectations and maintaining high levels of service standards that is unique to companies in the industry.

We provide you with some of the best used car importation solutions in the country. We thrive because we offer importation services that is tailored to the needs of every single one of our client  – from start to finish.

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