Things To Remember When Importing A Used Car To Singapore

Importing a car to Singapore is no easy feat, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. There are only very vehicles that can be brought to Singapore. Singapore also has some of the steepest importation fees in the world so if you’re planning on bringing a foreign car to these ports, you should be willing to pay the price.
Importing your car to Singapore may not be the most economical and practical move but we’re sure there’s something bigger motivating you to do it. Here at Used Import Singapore, we’ve perfected and streamlined the importation process so you can worry less about the process and focus on getting your car here. Our import managers will assist you every step of the way to make sure the process goes on as smoothly as possible for you.
Below, you’ll learn about the different requirements in bringing your used car to Singapore.

Customs and LTA Requirements

Used cars must not be more than three years old in order to be allowed in Singaporean ports. The age of the car will be determined either by the manufacturing date or the date of registration in the country of origin.
The Land Transportation Agency (LTA) also requires foreign cars to undergo rigorous mechanical tests to ensure all of its safety features are intact. Safety glass must not have a light transmittance that’s lower than 70% and must not have metallic oxide coating for environmental reasons.
You must also have a certificate that your vehicle adheres to emission standards specified by either the European Directive 91/441/EEC or Article 31 of the Japanese Safety Regulation.
Left hand drives are prohibited in Singapore and so are cars that used leaded petrol. The air conditioning system must be CFC-free and the car must be equipped with the prescribed safety belts in the front and rear seats.

How To Determine If My Car Is Eligible For Importation

There are overseas testing centers you can go to to determine whether your car is eligible for importation. These satellite testing centers offer comprehensive exhaust emission evaluation and safety glass evaluation. After conducting the evaluation, these testing centers will furnish you the necessary certificates and written records you need to start the importation process.
If you need assistance finding and scheduling an appointment with any of these overseas testing centers, get in touch with our import managers today. We have several years of experience in handling every importation case imaginable Trust that once you begin working with us, our import agents will be working hard to make sure your beloved car arrives quickly and safely in Singapore.

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