What We Do

Used Import Singapore

is the leading used automobile importation solutions provider in Singapore. We’ve created a streamlined
process that helps clients like you bring in a used car
into Singaporean ports in a fast and efficient manner.

Our Import Managers

are trained to handle every type of case from start to
finish. The moment you sign up for our services, our
import managers will be hard at work determining the
right importation and freight forwarding solution to
suit your needs.

The Process

begins the moment you get in touch with any of our importers. We will ask you a series of questions to determine whether we can help you import your car to Singapore.

Only cars that are less than three years old from date of registration are allowed into Singapore.

You may be required to have the car by LTA/ENV recognized overseas vehicle emission test laboratories to ascertain roadworthiness.

Automobile modifications must be properly certified by an agent authorized auto repair shop.

All cars in Singapore must properly fitted and tested seatbelts. They must also pass a mechanical test to determine whether they are safe for the road or not.

Verification of Requirements

Once we receive all of the answers we need, our
importers will determine whether or not your car
can be imported to Singapore. If all requirements
are met, they will file an application for receiving
and retrieving your imported car in the proper
customs agency.

Singapore Customs

require agents such as ourselves to appoint the
freight forwarding company for the job. Our
freight forwarding partners are some of the
best in the industry, you’re guaranteed that
your car will be properly picked up, transported,
and delivered to Singaporean ports according to
strict guidelines that ensure maximum safety.


Once your car reaches Singaporean ports,
our importers now have the authority to retrieve
the car on your behalf.
Used Import Singapore is a company that’s
dedicated in providing you with superior importation
assistance that puts your convenience and best
interest first.

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